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FIVERR - Hire Freelancers or Work Yourself as one
Hire Freelancers or Work Yourself as one

The Complete Physics Course - Learn Science the easy way!

The Complete Physics Course - Learn Science the easy way!


A course that’s made for you to easily learn Physics! ....even for those that don’t like Math & Science:)


• I suggest you have access to a printer to be able to print out the worksheets associated with each lesson.


This course is intended for any High School student that needs a little help in the Physics course that you're currently taking.
Also, consider it as a great resource for Final Exam Prep!
Each section will provides:
Conceptual explanations and explanations on how to do the problems
Problems that we'll do together
Practice Problems for you to do on your own.including an Answer Key
Ideally you have access to a printer, as it is highly suggested that you print out these worksheets.

In this course, you will learn...
Unit 1:
Standard & Metric System...including Metric Prefixes
► Converting from one system to another
Vectors & Scalars
Adding & Subtracting Vectors
Scaling Vectors
Learn Trigonometry to determine the x & y components of a Resultant Vector
Standard & Scientific Notation
Conceptually understand howto convert between these 2 notations opposed to memorizing general rules you're bound to forget!
Convert from one notation to the other...
Standard Notation -> Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation -> Standard Notation
Unit 2:
Linear Motion (1-Dimensional Motion)
Learn techniques on how to easily pull the given information out of a word problem and how to quickly & confidently choose the correct Kinematic Formula!
Use Kinematic Equations to solve problems where an object is moving along the: x-axis - such as a car driving down the road
or the y-axis - such as an object in Free Fall, or being thrown up in the air
Projectile Motion: 2-Dimensional Motion (coming soon!)
Unit 3:
Newton's Laws of Motion
Free Body Diagrams
► Learn to draw FBD's to prepare you for the section on Forces
Forces Acting on an Object (Flat Surface & Incline Plane)
Learn howto solve problems using the 2 force equations Force = mass * acceleration
Use the Trigonometry that we learned in the Vectors Unit to solve problems on an Incline Plane
Tension (coming soon!)
Unit 4:
Work & Power....and Kinetic Energy & Potential Energy
Solve very basic problems to prepare us for the Conservation of Energy section
Conservation of Energy
Understand Initial Energy of a System is equal to the Final Energy of a System to solve Conservation of Energy problems

Who this course is for:
High School students
Anyone interested in learning about Physics
Final Exam Prep


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