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FIVERR - Hire Freelancers or Work Yourself as one
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[FREE] 100% anonymous Wordpress blog/website

[FREE] 100% anonymous Wordpress blog/website

[FREE] 100% anonymous Wordpress blog/website

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Step by Step guide to create free anonymous wordpress blog:

Step 1 : Use VPN

The easiest way to prevent your internet service provider from logging your online data is to use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN encrypts your data by bouncing it to different servers. Now, this doesn’t prevent your ISP from seeing the data, it just prevents it from knowing what it means. Instead of logging that you visited Quora, for example, it will see a string of symbols that seem like gibberish.

On top of this, any government agency that wants to see your data will also see nothing but gibberish. If you’re using a high-quality VPN like NordVPN or Norton, there is almost no chance that the government could decrypt this data.

Of course, the government could then go to your VPN provider and try to get the data from there, ignoring your ISP tracking data. Since VPNs are not bound by the same laws as ISPs, though, there isn’t a rule that the VPN service needs to retain your data. A good VPN service will have a “no logging” policy, which means your data is never saved — which means the government can’t get it.

Whatever you do after this step ,do not do it without VPN or Alternatively you can also use TOR, OR proxies but I would not suggest you to use TOR .First reason is every time you try to login ,you would go through robot checks multiple and secondly internet speed will be very low as compared to when you use VPN.

Encrypted browsers are also a pretty good way of keeping your internet data private. Most of these browsers — including the most popular product, Tor — mimic a VPN by bouncing your data around multiple nodes, which are actually the computers of other users.

The idea is the same here: a government agency requests the data logged through ISP tracking and the ISP can only produce gibberish. However, in this case, there is no VPN service so there is nowhere for the agency to turn to request the data.

Since Tor is free, you might think that this is better than a VPN. However, there are two very important factors to note. The first is that the “exit relay,” or the last user node your data travels through, is not encrypted with Tor. This means that somewhere out there on the internet, your data still exists. Obviously, it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to find it and match it to you, but it is not impossible.

The second reason Tor isn’t better than a VPN is that it’s only a browser. If you are doing something on the internet that’s not through a browser — such as through an app on your phone — that activity might not be encrypted.

What about using both? Interestingly, this is not advisable. The reason for this is because now you have two leakages of data: the data your VPN tracks and the output node of Tor. While a VPN with a no-logging policy seems foolproof, having your data go through two services doubles the chances of it being found.

In general, I suggest using private browsers such as Tor for specific activities only. A premium VPN with a strict no-logging policy is the best all-around solution for the average user.

When it comes to anonymity and network speed NordVPN is the best

Below I have listed some good VPN service providers:

  1. NordVPN (Summer Deal: buy NordVPN's 2-year plan with 72% off! | NordVPN)

  2. Norton (Antivirus, VPN & Security Software)

  3. Hola VPN (Hola Better Internet – Access censored sites)

  4. Ivacy VPN

  5. Atlas VPN (Get the deal today – Atlas VPN)

Step 2 : Use an anonymous email account

Use ProtonMail (other alternatives Tutanota,Secure Email or Guerilla Mail) to create anonymous email account that you will be using to create hosting account.

My suggestion will be ProtonMail .

Step 3: Use a random name and never use it anywhere.

Step 4: Register domain anonymously

For free domain name ,you can use freenom or you can also use subdomain provided by hosting provider in next step.

For paid domain there are not many choices but you can use whois protection on the registered domain name to hide your details from public.

(tip: Make a believable typo in your name when registering your domain)

Step 5: Hosting Service

Now this is something that I have tried and it worked.

Make an account on using the ProtonMail email and then choose the desired free domain name provided by infinityfree OR any other domain name of your choice.

You can Install 400+ applications with softaculous script installer.

I have listed some other free hosting services but I have not tried all of them with ProtonMail.

  1. ServersFree

  2. HelioHost

  3. GoogieHost

  4. Webbera

  5. InnoxHost

  6. ProFreeHost

  7. Freehostia

  8. AwardSpace

  9. x10Hosting

  10. 110mb

  11. 5GBfree

  12. FreeHosting


  14. FreeHostingEU

  15. Freehostingnoads

  16. Freevirtualservers

  17. 1FreeHosting

  18. WebFreeHosting

  19. Bravenet

  20. FreeWebHostingArea

Some Paid Hosting services

Hostinger :

One of the better web hosting providers in general, Hostinger also offers good anonymity, and apart from Bitcoin, they also take various other cryptos, like Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and several others.


True to its name, Namecheap is a very affordable option and it’s a good choice for those who don’t want to spend too much. As for the cryptocurrencies, they only accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


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